Have You Heard From Johannesburg - Seven Stories of the GLOBAL anti-apartheid movement

Albert Van Den Heuvel  22 March 1932 -

Rev. van den Heuvel was educated at University Utrecht and Union Theological Seminary in New York, and upon the completion of his studies in 1958, began working for the World Council of Churches in Geneva.  In this capacity he began to work on the issue of apartheid, attending the WCC’s Cottesloe Consultation in Johannesburg in December 1960 to address racial injustice in the wake of Sharpeville and the Notting Hill Consultation in 1969 out of which grew the WCC’s Programme to Combat Racism.  Influenced by Martin Luther King (whose “I have a dream speech” he attended), he travelled Europe campaigning against hostile church audiences for the PCR, and participated in a number of other campaigns (including the Shell campaign, for which he attended the oil giant’s annual general meeting and confronted the board with questions about their involvement in South Africa.)  In 1980 he left his position at the WCC and switched to broadcasting on VARA, a Dutch public broadcasting association, where he served as president for five years, and on NOS (Nederlandse Omroep Stichting, Netherlands Broadcasting Foundation), where he served as vice-president until 1993.  He is a published author whose works include “These Rebellious Powers” (1963), “The Humiliation of the Church” (1966), “You Are Hiding God from Me” (1973), “Shalom and Combat: A Personal Struggle Against Racism” (1979), and “Common Values in a Global World” (2001).

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