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Have You Heard From Johannesburg  

Seven documentary stories that chronicle the history of the global anti-apartheid movement that took on South Africa’s entrenched apartheid regime and its international supporters who considered South Africa an ally in the Cold War. These documentaries take viewers inside the movement to mobilize worldwide citizen action to isolate the apartheid regime.
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The U.S. entry into World War II created an unprecedented demand for new workers. Notions of what was proper work for women changed overnight. Thousands of posters and billboards appeared calling on women to "Do The Job He Left Behind." Rosie the Riveter was born - the symbol of working women during World War.
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Martin Luther King in Palestine   Buchla
An African-American gospel choir goes to Palestine to sing in a Palestinian play about Martin Luther King. They become witnesses to life under occupation and a nonviolent movement for social justice.
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The 1960’s was a new age of musical expression, in which the long-sanctified precepts of classical repertory came tumbling down and California native Don Buchla was in the center of it.  He grew up with a passion for music and a passion for engineering. When he combined the two loves, he created electronic musical instruments the world had never dreamed of before.
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Freedom On My Mind   Salud
The dramatic story of the Mississippi voter registration project from 1961 to 1964, chronicling the most tumultuous and significant years in the history of the civil rights movement.
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A timely examination of human values and the health issues that affect us all, ¡Salud! looks at the curious case of Cuba, a cash-strapped country with what the BBC calls ‘one of the world’s best health systems.’
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Forever Activists    
An historical examination of social commitment in America focusing on  lifelong activism of members of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, the American contingent who fought on the side of the Republic in the Spanish Civil War. Produced by Montell Associates.